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Your data is YOUR data

We build Desirable, privacy-enabled
smartphones & web services
We are eelo

About Us

eelo is a non-profit project, in the public interest. We build open-source mobile operating systems and associated web services that respect user's data privacy. We're an international core team of experienced entrepreneurs, developers and designers, with a growing community of contributors.
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Our mission

Your data is YOUR data - data slavery is not inevitable, and eelo will show you how. eelo will provide a credible alternative to users who care about the privacy of their data. eelo will start by producing smartphone operating systems, with associated web-services. In the long run, eelo plans to provide a full digital ecosystem, including PC operating systems, personal assistants, and web APIs.

eelo Mobile Phones

Imagine desirable mobile phones, at a reasonable cost. Not preloaded with Google or any other "data hungry services". And at the same time, mobile phones where users can install and use mainstream applications of their choice. That's what eelo is going to provide.

eelo Web Services

Today, smartphone usage links with many web services: search, email, drive, online backup, maps, etc. We will release open source alternatives to all these services, as a consistent system that users can either install on their own server, or use online through a default eelo service.

Informing users

eelo's mission includes informing users about all the challenges behind their data privacy. We want to tell the story about what the web giants and state agencies are doing with your personal data - millions of dollars for shareholders, mass surveillance etc. - and why all that is a threat to democracy and peace. is going to be a central place for information about user's data privacy.

And also...

We are already thinking about tomorrow. We are considering projects to offer users privacy-enabled personal assistants and web APIs. But let's focus on the first stage first!

eelo's roadmap

eelo's goal for the first year will be to have the first eelo mobile phones available and have first web services, at MVP level. This would include downloadable ROMs for several devices, shipping the first mobile phones with eelo preloaded, and releasing associated web-services (storage, email etc.)

Supported devices: At the moment, we're developing for LeEco Le2 and Xiaomi Mi5S. A list of devices that will be easily supported by eelo is available here. It will grow over time, but possibly not all devices from this list will be officially supported if they become obsolete. Want a specific device to be supported? Please use this form! (works better with Chromium and Firefox)

eelo's crowdfunding campaign

We're on KickStarter!

After several weeks of work, we have already some first eelo prototypes. Now, we need to fuel the development of first viable eelo smartphones and web services. For this, we have started a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign! If you care about your data privacy and want to be part of our disruptive project, support the eelo campaign!
If you're not confortable with Kickstarter, you can also contribute at our Donation page!

Gaël from eelo

Gaël from eelo

Gaël from eelo

eelo smartphone

data leakages

eelo: no more data leakages

Join eelo!

Are you a talented programmer? Are you an open-source hacker in mind? Join the eelo project!

We're looking for the best people to contribute to the eelo mission: provide a desirable mobile and web-services alternative to the digital giants, with respect of user's privacy.

We're seeking the following skills:

- Android developer/hacker
- GitMaster/plateform integrator
- LineageOS low-level specialist
- Mono programmer (.Net, yes...) on Linux
- Web developers (PHP/Python/HTML/CSS...)
- Full stack and/or rare skills...

If you feel that you have some of those skills, if you are highly-motivated and can communicate easily with a decentralized team, please apply.
Depending on your time and our resources, these positions can be full-time/part-time/occasional, with different levels of remuneration.
Please introduce yourself (who you are, your skills, your current occupation, your resume...) at: jobs @ eelo . io


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